Peter Imanuelsen

Norwegian conservative party intimidates journalist...

Is this really what we expect from the ruling party in a democracy?

As a journalist it is important to have good contacts with politicians and other important figures. I am friends with, and know many politicians and journalists in both Norway where I currently reside, and internationally. I have been to parties with politicians who sit in parliament. I have had regular contact with politicians from all sides of the political spectrum, from the right, from the centre, and from the left. And even though we may disagree politically, we can usually have civilized and friendly discussions.

This is the case with many politicians from the Norwegian so called "conservative" party, Høyre. I am friends with and know many people who are involved with this party, including some who are amongst the highest up in this party, and most are great people. Høyre is currently in a coalition government in Norway and their leader is the current prime minister, Erna Solberg.

However, something very strange has been happening. Recently I was invited to an internal summer party with the local branch of Høyre, where many local candidates attended and even a member of parliament. This was nothing strange. I know many of these people, and they know me and what values I stand for (read all about my values further down in this article). We had a great evening with many interesting discussions.

 Then came the interesting part. A self proclaimed far-left extremist with the North Korean flag in his Twitter handle was upset that I had been meeting with these people, and started making a fuss about it. Surprisingly this made it all the way to the top, to the political advisor of the prime minister. For whatever reason, probably because they are not conservatives, but actually liberals, the party decided that I am unwelcome with them, and that my views are "against everything" they stand for and they announced this publicly on Twitter, and to the media. 

Norwegian government LIES about me - Character assassination

All of a sudden Høyre claim that they never knew me, that I just turned up uninvited to their party and had they known about me, they would have kicked me out and they made it clear that they are strongly against my values. This they openly told the newspaper Filter Nyheter in an article. This of course is nothing but lies, which I can prove. They knew very well what I stand for and what my values are. They knew very well who I am. But just because some self proclaimed far-left extremist on Twitter complained that I was at Høyre's party, they now all of a sudden threw me under the bus for no reason.

They literally told the media that they have no idea who I am, and that they never knew about me, despite the fact that I have been friends with many people in this political party. I have attended multiple parties with various people from Høyre, I have many times given them (free) car rides and I have even shared hotel rooms with some. To now claim they don't know me is false. I'm even friends with people at the very top of Høyre.

For whatever reason, they seem to have decided to make me persona non grata and act as if I never existed, at least that is how they portray it publicly. The reality behind the scenes is a bit different. I as a journalist have been subject to what cannot be seen as other than intimidation tactics from Høyre. I contacted Runar Paulsen, a representative for Høyre in the local area to get a clarification as to what is actually going on, why they claim to never have known about me.

Despite this, Runar Paulsen from Høyre has even gone out to the local newspaper claiming that me and my family are "threatening" him. Completely made up lies. Neither me, nor my family has ever threatened anyone, which we can prove because we have recorded all phone conversations and saved all messages. For him to claim to the local newspaper that we have been "threatening" him is nothing more than an attempt at character assassination. For him to use those words is nothing more than intimidation tactics intended to scare me as a journalist from publishing the facts.

It is very scary that the ruling government party is trying to commit character assassination of a journalist in this way. This is something you could have expected to happen in Russia, but never in a supposed democratic country like Norway.

I get an agressive message where he claims that my dad, Emanuel Imanuelsen, has sent him "threats" and that they are "evaluating" the situation and they have been advised to not speak with me. Obviously this comes from the top of Høyre. These so called "threats" was in fact an email where Høyre were informed that if they would not correct their lies about me to the media, then we would be forced to tell the truth ourselves, which I am doing in this article. There was never any "threat". For him to use those words is nothing more than intimidation tactics intended to scare me as a journalist from publishing the facts. 

The facts that they are trying to hide. The fact that they knew who I am and that they had no problems with me until a self-identified far-left extremist on Twitter complained. Something they lied about to the public.

Further, I was contacted by another person involved in Høyre demanding that I delete a photo wherein this person was present. This photo was taken with everyones consent as can clearly be seen by the people posing. This photo is in the public interest since it proves that Høyre is lying where they claim they have never met me, and that they don't know who I am. Which is why they have been threatening me with police action if I don't delete it. The photo is perfectly legal and doesn't break any laws. Again, more intimidation tactics from Høyre against a journalist to try and bury an important story.

So why is the ruling political party in Norway using intimidation tactics like this against a journalist like myself? This gives a very bad look. 

One important thing to touch upon. Høyre claims they did not know about my opinions and values (they did, I know some of them very well and they know me). And they also say that my opinions are "against everything they stand for" and makes it clear I'm not welcome with them.

Now you may wonder what my values are? That is easy. I'm a freedom loving person. Unfortunately there was a period in my life when I was younger where I had some bad opinions and researched conspiracy theories about things like Jewish influence etc. Thankfully I have since long left that, and I have since many years ago strongly distanced myself from those opinions. This is well known. Høyre knew about this. I'm a strong supporter of Israel and I am in fact a member of the largest European pro-Israel group MIFF. Høyre also knew about this. In a democratic society this should be encouraged. We should educate people so they can change their opinions for the better, and when they do, everyone should be accepted for that. After all, that is what we want, right?

I am socially conservative with libertarian values of freedom. I believe in the non aggression principle and the right of every human to have the freedom to decide over their own life for themselves without minimal involvement from the state.

Here is some examples of my values.

Things I oppose.

⦁ Communism.

⦁ White nationalism.

⦁ Nazism.

⦁ Hatred.

⦁ Racism.

⦁ Anti-Semitism.

⦁ Totalitarianism.

Things I support.

⦁ Freedom.

⦁ Free-speech.

⦁ Kindness.

⦁ Love.

⦁ Human rights.

⦁ Democracy.

⦁ Sovereign nations.

⦁ Israel.

Høyre never clarified whether they distanced themselves from some of my old opinions I had when I was young (everyone should distance themselves from THOSE opinions, I have so myself). Or have they distanced themselves from the opinions I have as I have grown and matured, as listed above? Because as it stands it seems like they distance themselves from my opinions as listed above, which is not a good look for them.

Høyre claims to be a party of inclusivity. Does that not include people who have changed their opinions for the better? Because if so, I would conclude they are bigoted and narrow minded who do not tolerate any deviance from perfection. Because nobody is perfect and nobody will be perfect. This is not very tolerant...

For all the documentation and proof about this case, and that the ruling party in Norway has been lying about me, check out this link