Exposing Fake News About PeterSweden From The Far-Left

"Hope Not Hate created a hit-piece against me full of lies. Let’s have a closer look at it.

One of their main claims is that I’m not Swedish, but British. Of course that is a complete lie, as my mum is from Norway and my dad from Sweden, and I’m a Norwegian and Swedish citizen.

Already here at the very beginning of their smear article they produce a documented and proven lie, which further discredits their whole fake news article. Their smear article about me, PeterSweden (aka Peter Imanuelsen) is fake news.

But Wait A Minute!

My dad wrote to Hope Not Hate about this on 1 August 2017. Click here to read his open letter: http://www.k-soft.se/NoHope-JustHate.pdf

But "Hope Not Hate" refused to correct their FAKE NEWS

They also claim that I hold outrageous views, which is absolutely not true and are views that I don’t hold. 

A couple of years ago when I was younger, I had some stupid opinions that I now regret, something I have been very clear about for a long time. Yet these far-left activists still try and claim that these are my views when they are not.

I used to look into all kinds of conspiracy theories about historical events etc., I never advocated for any form of authoritarian ideology and I have never advocated for any form of violence, contrary to the lies that the far-left is attempting to smear me with.

In the screenshot below from the "Hope Not Hate" website you can see an example of a completely faked and fabricated quote that I have never said, and never will say. There are many more such examples of faked and false quotes that they have claimed are from me, but are not from me.

"Hope Not Hate" are documented and proven serial liars. They are a militant far-left hate group attempting to smear anyone that they disagree with.

As you can see above, back in 2016 I wrote "If they are against homos then thats a good thing".

That was my opinion back then. This is NOT my opinion any longer.

My tweet was a reply to Mark Dice who had written that PayPal were supporting "executing homosexuals".

Of course no-one believes for a second that PayPal actually endorsed executing homosexuals. Neither did I support it in any way.

Note that I did not in any way support that statement or endorse it in any way. I was simply commenting that if the company PayPal was against homosexuals, then that was a good thing (again, this is no longer my opinion).

I never mentioned anything at all about executing homosexuals, and only a flat-earther or similar conspiracy theorist could believe that anyone would support executing homosexuals.

But "Hope Not Hate" then goes on to completely fabricate and claim that I wrote "if they are against homos thats a good thing to execute homosexuals".

This is not at all what I wrote. 

As said, there are many more examples of fake quotes like the one above that are false.

The stupid views I held when I was younger, I do not hold anymore.

I quickly found the correct path and corrected the views I had held that were wrong : )

Everyone makes mistakes in their youth and have said things they later regret when they are older.

But Wait, There's More Lies!

Not only did they attack me with fake news, but they published all kinds of lies about my innocent parents as well, even though they have nothing to do with what I do.

Is it decent to smear parents because of their child ?

In the photos below you can see what Joe Mulhall wrote when someone published information about their company secretary, whom he claimed was an innocent bystander and should therefore "not be targeted"

According to Joe Mulhall, it’s not decent to go after parents, which of course is correct. 

But they go after mine, attacking innocent people. 

Publishing lies about me is bad, but publishing lies about innocent parents, shows a complete lack of decency, even according to themselves.

They claim that my parents are tax fraudsters, using Entreprenören as source.


But that article states the very opposite of what "Hope Not Hate" claims

(Use Google translate and read it for yourself.)

There is no real tax debt - if so it would have been collected already.

Instead it’s only a MAP dispute between 2 countries, which country should have the tax.

It’s complete fake news.

And then they state lies about my parents company, calling them murky and scandal-ridden, because they had to take a person to court who pirate copied their software and spread it on the internet…

Like if that was the definition of murky and scandal-ridden.

If so, every business with a few thousand customers would be murky and scandal-ridden.

It’s just Fake News.

Contrary, my parents business has a very good reputation, with 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is about as good as it gets. You can see the screenshot from Norwegian phone catalog and reputation rating website Gule Sider.


Yet another proven lie by "Hope Not Hate"

As we have documented now, we can see that "Hope Not Hate" are proven liars and is not a reliable source at all. They have no credibility.

Which Views Did I Have & Why?

Did I have the views I have been portrayed to hold? The answer is NO

It has been produced a lot of fake news. Some with outright lies as proven earlier in this article, some with views I might have held but that have been completely taken out of context, and some I did hold, but no longer do.

For example they write that I have said that homosexuals should be "executed" and "put in camps" and that I allegedly "praised the Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub"

I never-ever had such opinions, these are just flat out lies together with all of their other lies. 

But with photoshop everything is possible.

So Which Views Did I Have & Why ?

  • When I moved out from my parents I started to spend a lot of time on the internet and do a lot of research, and I started to realize that there unfortunately is a lot of fake news in this world.

That led me to make my own research, while I at the same time saw a lot of hatred coming from the left (you know when you move out from your parents you can mature 10 year's, in 1 year's time, as a lot of things happens in a person's life when they move out from their parents and have to stand on their own legs.)

During this time when I was researching all things, I came into contact with people who didn't have the best views to put it that way, and for a few months I was misstaken by their views and had views which I strongly dislike today.

It’s important to point out that I never hated any people as human beings, but at that time I strongly disliked some peoples actions and what I thought was their actions (like the lifestyle of homosexuality), it was more conspiracy theories, like believing the earth was flat and all kinds of other conspiracy theories, questioning the moon landing, and also regarding things that happened during WW2 like the holocaust.

This also included conspiracy theories about Jewish people running a "New World Order" and other similar things regarding homosexuals and also Muslims.


  • As said it is important to point out that I never had any hatred towards either Jews, Muslims, homosexuals or any other group as human beings, but that I simply delved too much into conspiracy theories about these people.

In fact, I did express this even back then on my Twitter, in which I wrote things that included for example that I "loved" Jews.
It was only that I went a bit off the deep end in too many conspiracy theories.

After continuing my research and maturing a lot for each day that went by, I quickly realised that these views were NOT CORRECT so I left these views behind and don’t at all hold them any longer. 

So What Views Do I Have Today?

  • I believe that God created all humans coming from one person Adam and Eve and we are all relatives and equally important in Gods eyes. No matter race, religion, sexuality or sins.

  • Sadly the Holocaust happened and was a horrible event in world history. Because of evil and hatred there has been events of mass murder in world history, and this is something I strongly want to prevent from happening again, by informing people with my journalistic work. I am glad that the Jewish people are standing strong today, despite so much persecution they have endured.

  • I support Israel and the Jewish people. If you don't believe that the Jewish people have the right to a homeland in the form of the state of Israel, you are anti-semitic. Just in the same way as if you would have believe that the Swedish people shouldn't have a Swedish homeland, you would be anti-Swedish.

  • I strongly dislike Nazis and Communists, Hitler and Stalin. They are all authoritarian dictators and part of my work is to try and prevent a repeat of history by informing people with my journalistic work. Free-speech is an incredibly important part of this.

  • As a Christian I believe that the lifestyle of homosexuality is a sin, just like there are many other sins, but never have I advocated for any repercussions or penalties for being homosexual. I love homosexual people, even though I disagree with their lifestyle. Also as a libertarian I believe the state has no business in meddling in people's private lives.

  •  As a Christian I love all people and of course I don't advocate for hate at all, quite the contrary, I am a huge advocate of LOVE! 

  • Further I believe that we all are sinners and that we all need Jesus and God’s forgiveness. I love all people and am glad to have Jewish, black and homosexual friends. Yes, these people are all among my best friends : )

How Do I Work As A Journalist?

The same people that wrote the fake news that I have documented above, also funnily enough try to critisize the way I do my journalism.

Morgan Finnsiö (a Communist symphatizer) of the far-left Swedish group Expo has claimed that I am a "Nazi" because I reported on a Nazi protest that took place in Gothenburg in September 2017.

Of course I reported on that event like any good journalist would. Many mainstream media journalists were also there on the scene talking with Nazis.

That does not mean one supports them.

As a journalist you have to employ every trick in the book to get up close to the action, in order to get the best possible footage and to be able to report what is happening.

In my time as a journalist I have been up close and personal with many people I diagree with politically. I have talked with far-left Communists. I have talked with migrants. I have talked with far-right people as well.

Some Communists have been friendly, others not so much. Just because I get up close with them doesn't mean that I support their views. 

The same goes for the far-right types as well.

You have to pretend to be friendly with all sorts of people in order to get up close to the action and to make people speak openly with you. This is a well known tactic used in journalism. That doesn't mean you support said people.

During my reportage in Sicily, I even paid money to some newly arrived migrants in order to do an interview with them.

Back to the event in Gothenburg, things did get pretty interesting later on. Thanks to me employing my tactics as mentioned above, I managed to get up close to the action when the Nazi march started.

Things did turn ugly, when they started turning on the police and attacking them, and thanks to me being able to be there on the front lines I managed to get some of the best footage of the day.

The footage included Nazis being violent and attacking Swedish police. Thanks to me being there and doing my job, I managed to expose this to the world (really, the far-left should be happy about this one would think).

My footage was so good, that even mainstream media in Sweden like state broadcaster SVT wanted to buy my footage.

Also at the same event obviously far-left Antifa types showed up as well, and contrary to mainstream media, I got up close and personal with the Antifa side too, and therefore managed to get some of the best footage from that side as well.

Again, this doesn't mean I supported Antifa just because I was friendly with them. It's all part of being a good journalist.

Now as it turned out the Antifa side attacked the police as well, with rocks!

But the mainstream media were sleeping on the job and therefore I got better footage than them.

I do not in anyway support either Communists nor Nazis, and it is really funny to see how some far-left people try and claim me to have certain views just because I talk with people.