HuffPost is spreading lies about me.


HuffPost recently got very upset that Rep. Steve Kind had qute tweeted me. So much so, that they decided to write an entire smear article based on lies and defamation. So let's correct the record.

In their article HuffPost falsely calls me all sorts of names, "Islamophobic", "misogynist", "far-right", "history of Holocaust denial" etc. All BLATANT LIES. I am none of these things, and HuffPost didn't even bother with contacting me for a statement. I believe that the Holocaust sadly happened and was a horrible atrocity that should never happen again. This is one of the reasons why I am a member of the largest European pro-Israel group MIFF.

They even go so far as to label me "violently homophobic" without any evidence whatsoever. Anyone that follows me know that I am strongly opposed to all forms of violence, I am actually a pacifist. I am anti-war. They link to an old article by the discredited British organization Hope Not Hate, who have been labeled as far-left extremists by the Swedish Defence Ministry. Read my article debunking the Hope Not Hate lies about me here! In their article, Hope Not Hate completely fabricates a quote and inserts IN THEIR OWN BRACKETS some violent words, that I have NEVER said myself. Complete fabrication. And the HuffPost didn't bother fact checking this and spread the lies. Not very good journalism.

You cannot make up comepletely fabricated quotes and claim I said them, when I have never said such things. That is not only dishonest, but also malicious.

I do not in any way associate with the far-right. I strongly oppose all forms of authoritarianism, including Communism and Nazism. The Holocaust was a horrible atrocity that should never happen again, and I am a member of the largest European pro-Israel organization MIFF, as part of my work to combat anti-semitism. I am a traditional Conservative and a supporter of freedom for all people.

Hilariously, HuffPost claims in their article that I am a British citizen. I am not, and I have never been a British citizen. I am a Swedish citizen, and if they had bothered to do a little bit of fact checking, they would have easily found photos my Swedish passport on my website and on my social media. When they even get this simple information wrong, you know they have not done a very good job, and they loose all credibility.

Further, HuffPost cites an ADL spokesperson claiming various things about myself, including claims that I am a "Christian fundamentalist" and "anti-semite". Again, I have already proven that I am a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people, so there is no point in answering this accusation again. Read my debunking of the ADL lies about me here!

It is sad to see this level of journalism. No fact checking, and an article that reads like a political activist - Not a journalistic piece.