The ADL is defaming me. Debunking the lies.


Recently the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) published a new report titled "Hate Beyond Borders: The internationalization of white supremacy". In the report they talk about actual neo-Nazis and white supremacists. But they also falsely include people that have nothing to do with Nazism or white supremacy. I am one of those people that the ADL have lied about and libeled in their report. So let's break it down and rebut all of their lies about me.

The ADL starts with a list of "European influencers". At the very top of the list they mention the Norwegian neo-Nazi terrorist Anders Breivik. A little further down they mention myself, Peter Imanuelsen. I have ALWAYS opposed and condemned the evils of white supremacy and Nazism. I have ALWAYS been opposed to violence and terrorism. I am an advocate of peace, freedom and democracy. For the ADL to put me on the same list as an evil mass murdering terrorist is nothing but malicious.

Not only that, but most of the people they have listed in their report include despicable characters such as Richard Spencer, Mark Collett, David Duke and Martin Sellner. People that I do not in any way, shape or form identify with. Why does the ADL falsely put me in the same category as these people when I consistently condemn their ideologies? Again, this is nothing but malicious behaviour from the ADL.

In their report, they go on to slander me and call me various names, including "anti-semitic" and "Christian fundamentalist". I am in no way "anti-semitic. In fact, I am a member of the largest European pro-Israel group MIFF, and I am a strong support of the Jews and the state of Israel. As for calling me a "Christian fundamentalist", does the ADL have any problems with Christians? Isn't this a very anti-Christian statement? I thought the ADL was supposed to be working against discrimination, not participate in it!

They also complain that I was covering a protest held by the Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden. As a matter of fact there was a lot of other journalists from the mainstream media there covering the very same protest. I have also in the past covered protests held by Communists and the far-left. Does that make me far-left? Of course not. Does covering a protest held by the far-right make me far-right? Of course not! That is called doing my job as a journalist, something the ADL apparently seems to not like.

Now let's get to the important part. 

What sources did the ADL use for spreading these lies about me?

All of these lies originate from the British far-left organization "Hope Not Hate" and the Twitter account of a Swedish far-left Antifa activist Morgan Finnsiö. The article that the ADL links to is the "Hope Not Hate" article about me where they illegally doxed me and published my identity. They also falsely claim that I am a British citizen, something I have never been. Already their credibility is gone. They continue by spreading lies and PHOTOSHOPPING and taking out of context tweets they claim to be mine. Again, zero credibility. Read my full debunking of the "Hope Not Hate" article here!

According to the Swedish Defence Ministry, this "Hope Not Hate" organization is a far-left extremist group. When even the Swedish Defence Ministry have labeled them as extremists, there is no possible way you can use them as a credible source. Why is the ADL using an extremist group as source for their report?


It is really sad to see the ADL go to these low levels to try and smear an independent journalist like me who is reporting on what is happening in Sweden. I have for example for years been reporting on the bombing crisis in Sweden, while most other mainstream media outlets have not. Now finally even the BBC have reported on what I have been reporting for years. When you dare to speak the truth, you will sadly get people who do not like you.

In the same article the ADL claims that I have written for a "neo-fascist" website named Fria Tider. I have indeed written 2 articles for Fria Tider, but they are not neo-fascist in the slightest. They are an alternative Swedish news site with over 1 million visitors every month. I have also written for the American online news site The GatewayPundit, among many other contributions in magazines and newspapers across the world, including in Israel and the Netherlands.

It really is strange that the ADL would go after someone like me, who is consistently working to avoid radicalisation. My whole work is based around telling the truth about what is happening in our world today. That is important and stops radicalisation. If people feel like they can't trust the media, that can lead to radicalisation.

Now that we have set down the groundwork for debunking these lies about me from the ADL, what are my political opinions you may ask? I am unashamedly a traditional Christian conservative.

Things I support.

- God.

- Freedom.

- Free-speech.

- Democracy.

- Human rights.

- Love.

- Kindness.

- Independence.

- Sovereign nations.

- Peace.

- Traditional family values.

- Israel.

Things I oppose.

- Communism.

- Nazism.

- White supremacy.

- Racism.

- Anti-semitism.

- Tyranny.

- Authoritarianism.