"We are sorry. We have detected wrong-think in your YouTube video and therefore it has been put into purgatory. Please leave the page"

The YouTube purge has begun. Censorship in pure Orwellian 1984 style. The ministry of tru - ahem, I mean Google has decided that videos that do not specifically violete their "hate speech" policies, but contain "offensive" content should be put in a limited state. This limited state means that videos do not show up in search results, it doesn't have any view count, you cannot comment on it nor like it. And of course it also means that it doesn't show up in the recomended bar. Oh, and neither can you subscribe to, or go to the channel that uploaded the video.

In other words, the offending video is off to the Goolag.

Now, why on earth should comments be disabled? Surely part of a open and free society you should be allowed to freely discuss any topic. For example, if a video contains information that is wrong, people can comment on it and point it out. But no, not with videos that have been put in Goolag.

Strangely enough, the first video that was put in Goolag was a video titled "Racial differences in intelligence" by Alt-Right figure Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. Sure, the video might be controversial according to the politically correct mainstream opinion, but it is a scientific video with no hate or anything like that at all. It is purely a video which talks about scientific research. But I guarantee that this is not the only video that is going to be restricted, as time goes on more and more moderate conservative videos will be shut down.


And I was right about this one. Shortly after, a video from Black Pigeon Speaks titled "Why women destroy nations / civilizations" was also put in the Goolag. So critize feminism? Nope! Add to that, SquattingSlavTV's channel was completely shut down, Joy Villa's Trump supporting music video has been ordered to be taken down too!

YouTube is in a serious mess right now. I myself noticed this new policy by Google take effect. I logged in one day and all of a sudden almost all my videos had been demonetized. Now whenever I upload a new video, it is demonetized by default within 10 minutes and you have to appeal to maybe get it back. So yes, I'm basically getting nothing in income from YouTube at all, and that is not that good when you are an independent journalist trying to make ends meet.

This all comes shortly after Charlottesville after which several websites have been completely erased from the internet (their domain taken away).

The globalist elite and the left has realized that the right has been winning the internet and have decided to crack down. In fact, one of the reasons Trump won was because of social media. It is very much likely that he couldn't have won if it hadn't been for social media.

Free speech is incredibly important. Without it, society will spiral down into an authoritarian state, a state in which the public all think the same, act the same, speak the same. For all the lefts talk about "diversity", they sure seem to be agianst diversity of opinion. And what the left doesn't seem to consider is that the tools of censorship that they now use against the right, might one day be used against them. Not very bright, is it?

What can we do to fight back against this censorship? Well, right now there are a few big corporations that basically have a monopoly on the internet. Google, facebook, twitter etc. Start using other services. After all, these corporations are capitalists and if they lose their customers, they either go bankrupt or will be forced to change. But it is vital that we the people put pressure on them to change.

It is vital that we do this. That we start to use other alternative platforms. Otherwise free speech might be gone very soon. 

Here is how you can do that. Here is a list of alternatives that you can use to put pressure on these corporations.

  • YouTube alternative: Minds.com | Bitchute.com | Vid.me
  • Web browser alternative: Brave is a good alternative to Chrome. Built in ad & track blocker.
  • Twitter alternative: Gab.ai - Very good free speech platform.
  • Facebook alternative: Minds.com - A very good platform with huge potential.
  • Search engine alternative: www.duckduckgo.com - Very good. Doest not track you.

I think Minds.com has very much potential. It is a combination of twitter, facebook and YouTube. It is both a social media platform and a video platform. Bitchute is aslo interesting. It uses torrent technology to stream videos. That means videos are hosted on other peoples computers meaning it is very difficult to censor.

These are the places where you can find me. I highly recomend you to follow me on all these platforms.

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don't let anyone censor real news

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