Recently Hope Not Hate wrote an article about me...

Hope Not Hate wrote an article about me claiming all kinds of things about me that are lies and completely untrue. This has been part of an ongoing campaign by them against the right. For example, after intense lobbying they managed to shut down the well known Lauren Southern's Patreon account and make multiple problems for the Defend Europe mission in the mediterranean.

And now they have been so kind to publicly reveal where I live and my private information (commonly called doxing).

This article by Hope Not Hate is written by Morgan Finnsiö of the left-wing activist organization Expo in Sweden. Expo is funded by the well known globalist George Soros. Morgan Finnsiö is the grandson of the mighty media king in Sweden Lukas Bonnier. The Bonnier family controls most of the Swedish mainstream media. You start to wonder if it is a hit-job. Am I, an independent journalist that much of a threat to their media empire?

I can also add that the organization Hope Not Hate also happens to be funded by the same Geroge Soros. This is the same George Soros that funds a lot of the NGO's that are operating in the mediterranean bringing migrants to Europe. I was recently down there in Sicily to report on this, and then shortly thereafter these lies about me is published. Really makes you think.

When you read all the lies, which are at a level hard to believe, you realize that it must be a hit-job. The article tries to paint a picture of me as a "holocaust denier" and "anti-Semite". This is completely untrue. 

I have all my life believed that the holocaust did indeed happen, except for a few short months in my life when I was questioning everything. I am a truth seeker and I don't just believe anything simply because someone tells me so. I want to find out and research for myself.


So what ‘s the deal?

When you grow up it is natural to want to form your own opinions. In the beginning of 2016 I started to see all the lies from the mainstream media (like this article about me). Previously I had, like many people, had high trust in the media. When I saw the lies from the media, I started to question everything, and I didn't trust anything I had been told in my life without researching it and finding out the truth myself. During this period there were times that I doubted everything. Everything from whether 9/11 was a false flag to the holocaust. Not because I was a "nazi" or anything like that, but simply because I am a truth seeker and I had lost all trust in the mainstream media.


My doubts over the holocaust only lasted for a few months, when after lots of research I started to distinguish between the lies in the media and what was actually facts. I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to form their own opinions based on facts - quite the contrary I believe it is important. Neither would I blame anyone for holding some stupid beliefs during that period in his life. I firmly believe in the right to free speech and let people form their own opinions. And I can add, political correctness says that you cannot talk about certain things. That also partly drove me to start questioning everything, because if something is not allowed to be questioned, then naturally you get more curious. This is an excellent example on why we have to smash political correctness, because then you can find out the facts without any censorship.


Morgan Finnsiö and Hope Not Hate know that I never was a holocaust denier, but that I simply was researching the facts for myself.


To call a person like me a holocaust denier shouldn’t be possible – but apparently, the truth doesn’t matter to them : )


I would like to add that my parents probably has been one of the strongest supporters in Scandinavia, for the Jewish people’s right to Israel,  so this article is almost surreal.


Then we have all the other lies that are claimed:

Like that I am British not Swedish. But Morgan has received information from the Swedish state of where they believe I have lived, so he must know that I am Swedish. Instead they are using an error someone (I guess at companies’ house) had done that for a time showed me as British.

They deliberately want to paint me as British to try and undermine my credibility even though they know it is 100% false. This is not journalism. This political is activism.


And they also claim my dad’s company is scandal ridden. Quite the contrary.


Of course Expo and Hate not Hope is allowed to have the friends they want, but the person that originally claimed that my parents company is "scandal ridden" is a a person that pirated my parents software and marketed it on the internet! He refused to stop, so after many years, there was no option, but to take him to court to stop it. This person stood up in court to knock down my dad’s lawyer. And he was registered with no place to live. In other words he was officially homeless. There were 3 lower court cases where my dad’s company won 2 and lost a third on a technicality. So it went to the higher court, and of course my dad won and this person now owes him a lot of money, but have nothing that can be collected. To ignore the true picture, and paint a lie, using the words of a person like this is not journalism. That is hate.


Hate Not Hope also claims that there is tax debt which is also again completely rubbish. The issue is actually that Sweden wants the tax that my dad has already paid in the UK to be paid in Sweden instead.


The article by Hope Not Hate is so full of lies that there really is no point to go on. You start to get the picture. Instead you can read most of my dad’s open letter to Hate not hope, requesting them to change their lies and present the facts, which he went to great length to document in that letter.


Needless to say – Hate not hope were not interested in the truth and refused.


This is what we are up against. Left-wing organizations that have no interest for the truth but rather write lies to try to kill their opponents – and their parents.

Which come to think of it. If you disagree with someone's opinions is one thing. But to go after their family as well is a whole new level of low.

open letter to hope not hate

Just Hate - No Hope.

Hate Not Hope

PO Box 1084


HA9 1HT 

Att: CEO Nick Lowles and Joe Mulhall

Hi Nick and Joe,

It is really sad that you call yourself Hope not Hate, but you are using lies and factual cherry-picking to paint a completely untrue picture about me and my businesses.


Is this Hope ?

No, this is hate.


This is the world I don’t want to live in, full of hate.


No love, no wish to find the facts.

I am not writing this about my son Peter Imanuelsen, neither on his behalf, because he lives his own life.


But I will mention a couple of things about him.


For a time in his life he held views that I and my wife strongly despise and were completely against what we had told him.


I have been glad to see that he has left these views behind.



I can testify that when he lived with us he didn’t hold these views, but he then got in contact with some stupid persons and had some bad views in 2016.


I don’t know your age, and maybe you are young and ignorant, but I think every sensible grown up person will agree that when a person had good views in age 0-21, bad for a few months, than starting reverting back to his old views, it is nothing but hate to cherry-pick the views that a young kid growing up had for a few months, and use them to paint a untrue picture.


No hope.


Just hate.


And if you are grown up, you really need to think about what you are doing –you promote hate and conflicts by publishing lies like this.


If you cannot win based on facts – rather lose, than revert to lies.


When I was young and had no money and only one bread.

I gave half of it to a friend that had no money, and no bread.


That is hope and love.



I wish it would change to loving people, because with a hate that I have seen from your article – there is no hope.



If you are not hateful – you shouldn’t cherry-pick his old tweets, representing a few months of his life.

You should present the full picture – including the one that contradicts your opinions.



I hope we agree – if not - this is hate, not hope.


If you are a hope journalist – not just a hateful one – you will correct your article accordingly now when you know the facts.



However I am not writing this because of my son but because of the lies you are writing about me.



If your lies about me really had been true – which they as you will see below are not – it is not honest journalism to try to defame a child for his parents’ wrongdoings. (If we had had any.)


For that reason alone you need to remove the information about me – of course unless you are a hate organization, no better than the hate on the other side.



However your Swedish contributor has done a lot of research and only taken chosen information, and the result is a complete lie picture.


However as you will see below, he knows the facts.


He just doesn’t want to write the truth.


That is hate.


No hope.

Just hate.



You are claiming in your headline that we are a “scandal-ridden Norwegian company”


That is nothing but a flat lie as you will see below.


You are also claiming that there is a “£700,000 tax debt in Sweden.”


Even though that is not untrue in one sense, it is a complete factual distortion, painting a complete untrue picture.


What you are not writing is that HMRC disputes this so called tax debt.


Neither that no court has decided that this so called tax debt is correct.


Contrary it is just a case that the Swedish tax authorities want the tax paid in UK to be paid in Sweden instead.

But HMRC want it to be paid here. (And it is of course paid).


And that it now is fought out between the countries to agree on, in which country we shall tax.


We of course agree with England.


But there is no real tax debt as you lie.


More about this below.


But you contributor Morgan knows this.


Instead you present a completely false picture.


This is hate.


Not hope.



So to give you the facts:

Morgan has taken some chosen information from Entreprenören.


The full article is here:


Please read it and you will feel ashamed.

(If you are note a hate guy of course.)


If you read this article you will see that it is heavily critical to the actions from the Swedish Tax Authorities – strongly defending us against what we have seen from the Swedish Tax Authorities.


For example the lawyer Erik Björkesson, the leading tax lawyer in Northern for DLA Piper, is highly critical towards the actions of the Swedish Tax Authorities against us, stating this is not good for the rule of law.



We know that Morgan has read this, however, he leaves all of this out, in what cannot be other than a hateful wish to spread lies.


No hope.


Just hate.



It is indeed correct that we left Sweden in 2004 and moved to England.


And Peter is not a British citizen as you claim, but Swedish indeed.


But if you want the truth – why did you not ask for a comment about it ????



And all other lies ?

Hope ?


No, none will think that this is hope.


Stating that home schooling was not illegal in 2004 is a harsh statement to say the least.


Technically it was not yet illegal in 2004, in reality it was heavily persecuted.



But the big question in this article is – why so much hate ?


No wish to find the truth as a “real” journalist would have done.


Why not present the article and ask for corrections ?



However the hate doesn’t stop.



You write:

The “Fraud Company”


That is nothing but a lie.


There is nothing to back this up – contrary.


This is not journalism.


This is hate.



I start to wonder if your name should be:

Hate not Hope.



And you continue:

“reveals a murky world of controversy and unpaid taxes that may suggest a different reason for the family’s move to the UK.“


Again, completely untrue – and Morgan know it is untrue.


If not, he really need to grow up so he can digest the facts.



This is as stating that the earth is flat.



And you write:

“K-Soft, it turns out, is a company dogged by controversy.”


Again, lies.


No hope.


Just lies.


Just hate.



Morgan can easily read Swedish and Norwegian as we know, so for him there is no excuse for his hate.



Unless being young and ignorant as my son was.


But he is 29 so he should know better.



But I will give you the facts to show you how bad this is:


Firstly there is no company called K-Soft but K-Soft Sverige AB, K-Soft Norway AS and so on.


In Scandinavia “we” are one of the leading companies when it comes to invoicing software.


“We” have over 40.000 businesses as customers which is a lot indeed in Scandinavia, and we are number 2 or 3 on the market when it comes to invoicing software in Norway.



As any other company in our position there will be disputes.


If a dispute made a company to a fraud company, or made it scandal ridden or dogged by controversy you could write that for probably every single English business with 40.000 customers.



However that is not at all the definition of Fraud, scandal ridden and dogged by controversy.



Morgan tells that he has read this page:


And there is no way he has not read this:



Morgan knows that a person pirate copied our software and started to market it on the internet in 2002.


His much bigger business had purchased our software in 2001 at about £90.


He wanted his money back, but there is no such provision in the Norwegian law so we had not calculated for a refund.


As a result he started a vendetta against us.



He spread all kind of unverified and made up lies.


As far as we know everything comes from him.


He is not an ordinary person – and as at court proceedings he was listed “uten fast bopel”


Without a place to live.



In one court he even stood up to hit down my lawyer.



Finally we decided that even though we are loving, and hopeful, (not acting like Morgan), after many years we had to take actions and finally took him and his closest allies to court.



On the above page you will find links showing the judgments from:

Trondheim Tingsrett – we won. 


Why are you not writing about that ?


Moss Tingsrett  - we won.  Again ignored.


Yes we lost due to a technicality in the lower court in Oslo – but it was over ruled in the higher court -  Borgarting Lagmannsrett.


Why don’t you write that ?


That is a court that is above the lower court.


Morgan ignores this.


The result – we won and he now owes us a lot of money.


However ha has nothing that can be collected.



To just use the one lower court ruling where we lost and ignoring the 2 other lower court rulings were we won and that we indeed won in the higher court, which is the final judgement, is not worth anyone that want to be called a journalist.


That is Hate.

And lies.


No hope.


Just hate.


Morgan knows this.


He tried to get probably every single paper in Norway to write about us, and we were contacted and they refused to write realizing this was a hateful person.



However of course, a vendetta for many years is a long time, so every now and then he managed to get someone to write.


Maybe a hate friend : )



One of the papers we took to PFU, which is governing the press -  and we won.


Which is hard in Norway indeed.


Morgan knows this.



Why have you ignored their ruling and now even links to an article that is deemed to have broken the press rules ?


Is that not hate in your mind as well ?


No hope.


Just lies.


Just hate.



It is sad to see people with so much hate.



So as documented - in spite of the lies from Morgan – we won in court.



For you to come with these outrageous statements about us is terrible and I hope you feel terrible about this now.


Otherwise there is no hope.



But there is more to show which terrible hateful article Morgan has created:

Morgan must have read this:



As you will see we are a very reputable company with 4,5 stars out of 5 possible.


That is about as good as it gets.


Please check it out.


How can you call us fraudsters ???



He must also has read this:


Only positive about us.



The fact is that there is nothing bad about us at all, except from these guys that have LOST in the higher court.


Morgan knows this but still he choose to paint a picture full of lies.



Norwegian and Swedish people can read Norwegian and Swedish and they doesn’t think we are fraudsters because they can read themselves and know we are not.



Apparently except your no hope – just hate contributor.



This was also confirmed after a 3 year audit of K-Soft Sverige AB – with no remarks, which is very uncommon indeed.


A copy can be provided.



The undeniable picture is that we are by no means a fraud company, we are not scandal ridden, and not dogged by controversy.



Neither is there any evidence whatsoever to back up this claim.


Contrary there are strong evidence that we are a very honest company, in Norway audited by Ernst and Young.




This is simply a completely dishonest and shameful article, and now you have the fact so you can easily verify my statements.



Then you go on and write:

Millions of Krona in unpaid taxes


As stated in the beginning, that is a complete misrepresentation.



There is no court ruling agreeing on that position.


It is simply a dispute between the Swedish Tax Authorities and HMRC were Sweden want the tax that rightfully belongs to UK, paid in Sweden instead.


But HMRC want to keep it here.


Now this is in the MAP and the EU Arbitration Convention to be sorted between the countries.


I understand that your contributor is young and ignorant when writing:

“suggest a different reason for the family’s move to the UK. “


But you cannot flee from a tax debt to another EU country.


A tax debt in Sweden would be collected in UK as easily as in Sweden. This is like 1+1.



However there is no tax to collect as UK disagree with Sweden and this is sorted under MAP and the EU Arbitration Convention. If Sweden would win – it would just be a matter of England having to pay to Sweden.


To paint a picture like if I owes a lot of tax, is not great.

 Hope ?  : (


No – Hate !



However you write that


“Tax Agency, which decided to freeze some of the family’s assets and claim them as security for the debt”


And it is correct that they seized a house for security in 2017.


However you are ignoring that the article point this out to be a scandal.




You again writes:

“controversial Imanuelsen family business and finances,”



And as documented, this is nothing but lies.



And about my son you write:

“What is clear is that ‘Peter Sweden’ has manufactured a back story for himself, centered around Sweden, that when investigated, simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.”


I am not going to comment on it, you know what I have written and can see for yourself how stupid this conclusion is.



If you are a hope – not hate person - by now you will be really sad over what you have done.



If not – you are as hateful as all other haters.



If you cannot defeat the right based on facts but have to revert to lies, you will never win.



Only hate people are using lies like in this article.



A person with love and hope could never leave out the facts like you have done in this article.



I hope we agree that this is a hate article which you deeply regret.



If not – there is no hope.


Just hate.


No hope – Just hate.




Your hate is not the solution.


No leftist born 1880 is alive today.


They have already faced eternity – if you don’t believe it – look at you thumb- or ask yourself as my old physics teacher  - what was before big bang ?


You can only explain it by God. Because eternal mass doesn’t exist.


Jesus has told us to love God and love each other.


If everyone did it, this would be a wonderful planet.



When you have no hope – just hate – you are only destroying this planet and your own eternity.



Articles like this is just fueling hate.


Peter will not lose popularity by this – contrary.


You just get some of his supporter to hate you.


What is the point.


Creating conflicts.


Fueling hate.


Enough people have died because of hate.


Calm down and show love.



Now you understand why I think this is so stupid.


In theory you want a world of love – in reality you hate each other.



All you haters are bad, why not give hope a chance.



Start with love and hope and you might change this world to the better.



If your name is correct, by now you will already have decided to apologize and pull the article and issue a new article apologizing for this and have a stern talk with Morgan.


However if your real identity is Hate not hope, I officially have to ask you to pull this article and issue a new article apologizing for the lies you have posted.

And posted knowingly.


Wish you a world in love and hope – not hate like we just have seen.


Kind Regards


Emanuel Imanuelsen