For the first time since 2004, we now have a new study looking at rape crime and ethnicity.

The last time that the Swedish government released information about rapists and their ethnicity was all the way back in 2004. That was the last time we had hard facts on this sensitive subject. But now it is here, we now have the statistics of the ethnicity of all convicted rapists between 2012 - 2017.

  • 58% of all convicted rapists were born outside of Europe.
  • 74.5% of all convicted gang rapists were born outside of Europe.
  • 85% of all convicted assault rapists were born outside of Europe.

One thing that has to be pointed out is that this study only showed in which country the convicts were born, so the figure could be even higher if you take into account people that have a foreign background.

Almost 40% of the convicted rapists are from the Middle East or from Africa. One country that stands out in particular is Afghanistan. Out of all the 94 people convicted for gangrape, 18 are from Afghanistan.

It is striking how few people in Sweden have actually been convicted of rape compared with the number of reported rapes.

During 2016, there were 190 000 sexual crimes reported to the Swedish Bureau for Crime Statistics BRÅ, and a whopping 6 715 rapes were reported. But ONLY 142 people were convicted, this is an extremely low conviction rate of rapists. 

The current Swedish Socialist government prides itself on being the "world's first Feminist government", but seemingly is struggling with convicting men that rape women.
In total from 2012 - 2017, there was 843 people convicted of rape in Sweden. 842 were men, and 1 was woman. 

Here is a breakdown of the ethnicity of these convicts.

  • 197 are from the Middle East or North Africa.
  • 134 are from the South of Africa.
  • 96 others are born outside Europe.

This study has been done by Uppdrag Granskning, a branch of the Swedish State owned Media.

Here is a link to their report in Swedish: