Is sweden an utopia?


Think of Sweden. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Beautiful people and nature, peaceful societies, one of the happiest countries on earth, welfare and state provided care for all, utopia provided by the socialist state. Really?

After Trump’s now famous “last night in Sweden” comments at his rally in Florida, the left, liberals, mainstream media hacks and the Swedish government were quickly peddling the narrative that Trump had no idea what he was talking about. They were ridiculing the notion that there were any problems in the socialist utopia of a country called Sweden.

In their little liberal leftist bubble they all seemed ignorantly unaware of the reality of what is actually happening in Sweden.

The Swedish government PR machine together with mainstream media went into full spin trying to prove how peaceful, tolerant and wonderful Sweden’s multicultural socialist utopia is.

Even Carl Bildt, foreign minister in Sweden’s previous government that decided to open the flood gates to refugees tweeted “Terror attack in Sweden? What has he been smoking? Questions abound”. 

Elsewhere on twitter, official Swedish government accounts were tweeting and trying to spin the narrative of how peaceful Sweden is.

Of course, as most probably know by now, the very next day there were riots and cars set on fire in a Stockholm suburb called Rinkeby which is one of Sweden’s many no-go zones.

We even had the Swedish integration minister Ylva Johansson caught spouting fake news on BBC regarding rape statistics in Sweden. She claimed that it’s been going down and down, but in actual reality it’s been going up. In fact, over the last 3 years there’s been nearly a 100% increase in sexual assaults in Sweden. But let’s not let that little inconvenient fact get in the way!

Sweden has been hailed as a model country by the left for a long time.

The truth however is completely the opposite. Sweden is a socialist disaster. And for all the liberals out there, it’s very authoritarian as well. I would even go so far as saying that Sweden is bordering on being a communist country. Sweden has one of the highest taxes in the world. According to the Institute for Private economy at Swedbank, a typical household consisting of one sole income bringer with a monthly salary of SEK 25 000 (circa $ 2 840), will pay SEK 17 200 (circa $ 1 954) in tax when all taxes are included. That is a tax rate of 68.8%. Source:

So with this enormous tax rate you would expect Sweden to have exceptional public services. And in one sense they were fairly good back in the day when Sweden was a homogenous country. However, when they opened the flood gates for mass migration public services have completely gone down the drain meanwhile violent crime has gone off the charts.

From my own personal experience, I can tell you that the roads have been getting worse and worse. There are reports of women having to give birth to babies in cars because the nearest hospital with a maternity unit has closed down. Sweden has the lowest amount of hospital beds available per 100 000 inhabitants in the whole of the EU (Source: Eurostat). It is well known that elderly care is going down the drain in Sweden, in one case pensioners are forced to live in temporary container buildings. Meanwhile, all of the newly arrived refugees get to live in mansions and top hotels that have been converted into asylum homes.

Swedish police is on its knees. With the massive increase of crime in Sweden since the migration crisis began, demand on the police is higher than ever before and many policemen and women are being stretched to the limit as there isn’t enough staff. It is so bad that according to a police survey 80% of the police force consider quitting. This comes as up to 25% of the police’s recourses are going towards handling the refugee crisis in Sweden.

And it is no wonder that this is the case when you consider the massive increase in violent crime and rapes in Sweden since the migration crisis began. According to BRÅ, the government’s statistics on crime, there’s been a nearly 100% increase of sexual assaults in Sweden from 2012 – 2015 (this is only a 3 year period!)

According to the Swedish police there’s been a 4.4% increase of violent crime from 2015 – 2016, meanwhile during the same period the number of cases put forth to a prosecutor decreased by 6.3%, which gives you an indication of the problems the police in Sweden are facing. In Gothenburg for example, there’s been a 100% increase of deadly shootings from 2008 – 2015.

The Swedish police cannot cope quite simply. They either need a massive boost of money, but where is that supposed to come from? Swedes are already one of the highest taxed in the world as I described earlier. According to a government institute, a migrant woman with 3 kids get SEK 22 249 (ca $ 2 528) per month TAX FREE in benefits. This basically means that working Swedes pay a tremendous amount of tax to fund migrants in their country. Meanwhile basic public services are lacking big time.

To add some more shocking statistics, the use of hand grenades in Sweden increased with 170% from 2015 – 2016. In 2016 a total of 27 hand grenades were detonated in Sweden.

Let that sink in for a minute. This is a military grade weapon we are talking about here.

And add to all of this, there are nightly arsons. On average over the last few months around 200 cars per month have been set on fire all around Sweden. On top of this many other things are being set on fire by arsonists, usually known as “gangs of youths”. Mopeds, trucks, rubbish bins, houses + much more are targets for these people.

And what did I mean earlier when I wrote that Sweden is authoritarian?

I will actually add that it’s in my opinion almost bordering on communism. It’s definitely an authoritarian socialist state.

There’s no freedom of speech. If you say something that’s considered “hate speech” you risk jail time. What’s “hate speech”? If you guessed anything to do with migration or similar issues you were correct. One person got 4 months jail because someone else wrote an offensive word in a comment on his website. Yes, the person jailed did not write the comment, but since he was hosting the site on which someone else posted a comment deemed not politically correct, he was jailed.

A Christian preacher was taken to court for preaching certain verses from the bible that’s in violation of political correctness. Namely regarding the bible’s teaching’s on homosexuality. He was initially found guilty under Swedish law for “hate speech”, but was later freed on the grounds that he would’ve won the case if he’d taken it all the way to the European court of justice (which is a European court, not a Swedish court and since Sweden is part of the EU it has to follow the rulings of that court.)

Homeschooling is illegal. Dissenters who disobey risk getting their children taken into foster care by force, especially if the parents are Christian or right-wing. If not taken, they will at least get huge fines. I have many examples I can give, but that’s beyond this article. You see, in Sweden all children have a “school duty”. Every child MUST go to school, how else are they supposed to be brainwashed into good little socialists toeing the party line?

Dissenters (right-wingers) are not liked in Sweden. Neighbors are encouraged to report on each other if they see something that’s not deemed acceptable in the eyes of the state.

I think you are probably starting to understand what I meant when I said Sweden is authoritarian socialist and bordering on communism.

To summarize, Sweden is NOT a socialist liberal utopia by any means. It has an authoritarian socialist government bordering on communism, has one of the highest tax rates in the world, escalating violent crime, public services going down the toilet, all the while funding migrants who are slowly (or rather, worryingly quickly) changing the boots on the ground in Sweden.