Sweden Has A Hand Grenade Crisis.

Yes, you read that correct. The words "handgrenade" and "crisis" in the same sentence.

This would have been unthinkable just 10 years ago, but now Sweden has an unprecdented number of bombings and grenade attacks.

Earlier this year in January, a Swedish pensioner was enjoying Sunday morning in Stockholm. He was on his bicycle together with his partner, running an errand to his local store. On his way there, he noticed something strange on the ground. He stopped to pick it up and KABOOM. It turned out to be a hand grenade that blew up in his face. Sadly the man died, and his partner who was nearby was injured.

Local witness Charlotte Bergström told Swedish media "It was a huge explosion, the whole apartment shook". 

Another lady who had just met the elderly man before he was killed told media that "he was a really nice man. It shone around him".

This is such a sad incident, and it could all have been prevented. I have tried to warn for months about the bombing crisis in Sweden, but the mainstream media has completely ignored this, because it doesn't fit with their politically correct view of Sweden. Did it really have to take an elderly man being killed before the media started talking about this?

Because this is not the first grenade attack in Sweden, far from it.

In fact, there is an epidemic in Sweden with handgrenades and bombings. You might have heard that Sweden has a rape crisis, it is in fact the rape capital of Europe. But not only does Sweden have a rape crisis, it now has a bombing crisis as well.

According to Anna Nilsson, a forensic investigator at the Centre for National Forensics in Sweden, there has been 200 explosions in Sweden during 2017. This is a 100% increase from 2016 which saw around 100 explosions in total.

To put this number into perspective. Sweden has a population of 10 million people and had 200 explosions in 2017. 

If you compare it with a country like the USA which has a population of 323 million people, the equivalent per capita would have been almost 6 500 explosions. Imagine that for a minute. Imagine if there was 6 500 explosive attacks in the USA in just one year. It would be a national crisis. It would be all over the news. Because that is exactly what this is. This is a national crisis in Sweden, yet the media has completely ignored it.

These explosions that Anna Nilsson talks about include the handgrenade attacks, but also bombings and other explosives that have been used in Sweden.

If you look at the handgrenade attacks in particular, the statistics are as follows.

Handgrenade incidents in Sweden per year:

2002 - 2012: 6 handgrenade incidents.

2013: 2 handgrenade incidents.

2014: 8 handgrenade incidents.

2015: 45 handgrenade incidents.

2016: 55 handgrenade incidents.

2017: 39 handgrenade incidents (note, this is up until the 2nd December 2017).

As you can see from these statistics, something went seriously wrong around 2014 / 2015 in Sweden. This also coincides with the increase in both rapes and shootings in Sweden. Strangely, it also coincides with the migrant crisis as well. Sweden took in a record number of migrants in 2015 (162 000 came to Sweden this year).

The police in Sweden have also been targets of these attacks. The last few months the police station in the city of Helsingborg has been bombed, grenades have been thrown at police cars + more.

The people perpetrating these attacks have no respect for democracy or the rule of law. They make their own laws. It is well known that the people behind this are very often part of criminal gangs. These criminal gangs in Sweden are almost exclusively made up of migrants, and they are the ones that control the no-go zones in Sweden. There are in fact over 55 no-go zones in Sweden now, and these people see it as their territory. They control the drugs, the weapons etc.

So where do they get hold of this heavy weaponry? Well, the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan did some research on this. They put out a request among criminals, and they got a quick answer. They could buy a handgrenade with same day delivery for only SEK 1 200 ($ 146). The weaponry can also be bought via the dark web quite easily.

On the black market in Sweden, for the mere sum of £890 you can get 5 automatic machine guns, and 64 hand grenades as a "sweetener".

Keep in mind though, that handgrenades are not the only heavy weaponry that these people have access to. They have lots of automatic machine guns, and even a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) was found just outside Stockholm in December. RPG's are designed to take out armoured vehicles. Imagine the damage that could do if used in a civilian area. And remember, if they managed to find one, you can unfortunately be pretty certain that there are more of them out there that the police haven't been able to find.

But guess what. The Swedish Justice Minister has proposed a solution to the grenade crisis in Sweden. He wants a "grenade amnesty" where criminals can walk into their local police station and freely hand over their grenades, like good little boys. You cannot make this up. Seriously?

To add to this, police chief Jan Evenson said on Swedish state broadcaster SVT after the grenade attack that killed the elderly man, that "the criminal elemnts need to behave themselves".

Understandably this statement has been mocked on Swedish social media. When you think of it, this attitude kind of explains why Sweden is in this situation to start with. They have been too weak.

What Sweden needs to do is to send in the military and clear the criminal gangs out. This is the only solution in my opinion that will solve this problem. But unfortunately this is something that is too politically incorrect to ever happen in Sweden. In the meantime, Sweden is rapidly heading into the abyss.

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