I Need Your Help!

The Far-Left is trying to starve me financially - Don't let them.

Recently PayPal banned me due to the "nature" of my work. I am just a journalist reporting the truth about what is happening in Sweden.

Apparently the globalists at PayPal doesn't like that. They are against freedom of the press.

But thanks to cryptocurrency like BitCoin and also free-speech PayPal alternative MakerSupport you can still support my work.

Anything is highly appreciated and goes towards my work in producing news.

Free-Speech MakerSupport.com

Excellent alternative to PayPal.

With MakerSupport you can either support me with a one-time donation, and you can also support me monthly like on Patreon.

Click here https://www.makersupport.com/petersweden

CryptoCurrency - BitCoin

The Future Of Uncensorable Money!

You can now also support me with BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum and LiteCoin.

No middle man. No banks. No government interference. This is the libertarian dream : )

Here are my adresses:

Bitcoin: 17zfhqPsEfSGspJ8BF7gL8MXoxq1Uubr1T

Ethereum: 0x19a95e8B35c332D98C0aD78df3381CB83eF6Fdc4

Litecoin: Lgb4ve5XGfKoAhFM546h654GYp74HcDhgd

Bitcoin Cash: 1JdjVeFucfiXf3zSEUo6rgJduTCXyJN1ZL