Attackers Freed after Horrific 4 hour Gangrape.

peter sweden

We need to talk about what is happening in Sweden.

This alleged "feminist superpower" where women's rights reign supreme. The Swedish socialist government brags about how it is a "feminist" government. Considering that, it is really strange then what just happened in a particular case in which a woman was gang raped. Because this is just absurd and frankly, downright scandalous.

A woman was brutally gang raped by 20 men for over 4 hours in an apartment staircase in a Swedish no-go zone. Now all men have been set free.

So on the 14th of August 2016, in a no-go zone called Fittja, which is a suburb of the capital Stockholm, a woman went to buy some drugs. Right away we can tell that this is not a very good idea at all, she will now meet with the criminal underworld of Sweden. These no-go zone gangs which run these lawless areas. These are the very people she is about to meet. And it did not end well. I myself has had the displeasure of meeting these people before, and even for me as a man it was not the safest thing I have experienced. I was reporting on some protests that happened in Gothenburg, and as it turns out, people from these no-go zones turned up with slings and threw rocks at the police. In one instance a rock flew right over my head. Anyway, back to this horrible, tragic story.

When she arrived the men were waiting for her. According to the newspaper Metro, the woman said to the police during questioning that "it was 19-20 men waiting for me...they discussed who would get on me first and i panicked"

She continues "They dragged me up to the 2nd floor. Many stood around waiting with their pants pulled down and they were waiting for their turn".

This was a grotesque and sadistic attack. According to the prosecution they even smashed her head into the stairs, and the woman passed out several times during the attack. The woman herself comments that one of the worst parts that she remembers from the attack, was when they positioned her so that one man sodomized her from behind, while another man put his penis in her mouth. They also threatened her to be quiet using a knife.

This all took place for 4 whole hours. Just imagine that. This womans life is destroyed. Due to the police being completely under-resourced at the moment according to prosecutor Markus Hankkio (ahh, the wonders of Socialism combined with mass migration) it took a whole year for the police to arrest any suspects. So finally the police managed to identify 5 of the attackers. All 5 suspects are migrants, including from Iraq and Somalia. One of the suspects, a 23 year old says to the newspaper Metro that "they was just a fun thing".

This attack was recorded on video. So there is plenty of evidence.

Now after this horrible attack, you would think she at least would get some help from a good Samaritan? Nope. Quite the contrary (remember, this is a Swedish no-go zone). After having endured this abuse for 4 hours and the woman finally was left alone, she asked passers by for help - in vain.

"Yuck, you have sperm in your face and on your clothes, don't involve us" - one person is alleged to have told her.

Others told the woman that she was "disgusting" and refused to help her. She was left alone on the ground with sperm in her face. No one wanted to help the poor woman. One man who was a witness to the horrible attack, decided to not intervene. Reason is because he had lived in Fittja for 15 years and had "learnt not to say or hear so much".

Even the guard at the subway station refused to help the woman. She had to help herself get on the subway and get into central Stockholm to the nearest hospital.

My blood is reaching boiling point as I am writing this. How can anyone be so cruel and inhumane? It really staggers belief. You really hope these people get to face the full force of the law, and the woman at least can get some justice...?

Well, being Sweden, that is where you are wrong.

All 5 men that they managed to arrest, have now been set free by the Södertörn court. Found not guilty. This despite video evidence and DNA evidence (they managed to trace the DNA in the sperm the woman had all over her from the attack).

As I wrote earlier, the woman went to the hospital were doctors confirmed she had physical injuries from the attack. The court's conclusions on this? Well, they couldn't determine if the injuries were from the attack or if she had them from earlier on...GIVE ME A BREAK.

The court also determined that the woman had indeed had oral sex with 3 of the men.

So let me get this straight. The court did aknowledge she had sex with the men. They did aknowledge she had injuries. They had video and DNA evidence. Yet, the men have all been found not guilty. Why?

Well, the men claimed that the gang rape was a payment for drugs and that the woman had willingly done this to pay for her stuff. So basically "voluntary gangrape" then?

And it seems that the Swedish court bought this hook, line and sinker. Well, imagine my shock. I wonder if the same conclusion would have come if the attackers had not been from a no-go zone, and they had all been ethnic Swede's?

So even if we accept this excuse, shouldn't the men then at least be found guilty of selling drugs and buying sex, things which are both illegal in Sweden?

Nope, apparantly not, because they have all been set free.

This is a scandal beyond proportions. The womans lawyer, Elisabeth Massi Fritz calls the ruling "a shame for our justice process" and she continues "no perpetrators should be able to get away which such a horrible and careless gangrape. This is the worst gangrape I have dealt with in 26 years. I don't feeel that my client has had a fair hearing"

Naturally, after this ruling a group of women gathered in Fittja to protest it and rightfully so. However, a group of men turned up and started to harass the protesters. This was caught on video, which has gone viral on facebook.

"Where you there when it happened? I was there" - one of the men shouted to the protesters.

This is the reality that we have in Sweden right now. A woman was brutally gangraped for 4 hours by 20 men. Eventually all the men were set free by the court. When people turn out to protest, they are harassed and mocked. These people are literally getting away with rape. And they are mocking us right in the face. And our politicians who are supposed to protect us, have completely failed. Instead they are they very ones responsible for all of this happening in the first place. Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt who initiated the mass migration process into Sweden, has said on TV that "Sweden belongs to migrants".

Very well, because that seems to be exactly what is happening.